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Possible causes of abnormal pressure in Industrial Chillers system
Nov 03, 2018

  If the cold system of industrial cold water mechanism breaks down, the number of gaseous refrigerant molecules will change greatly, and the pressure will appear abnormal, far beyond its normal pressure range.

  The heat dissipation difference of the condenser is caused by high pressure side pressure

1. Scale accumulation in the condenser tube;

2. Dust on the outside of condenser radiator

3. The condenser radiator is blocked;

4. No air volume.

Industrial chiller

  These reasons will affect the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the carrier refrigerant. The refrigerant cannot release heat very well, and the gaseous refrigerant will be difficult to condense into liquid refrigerant. In this way, the gas refrigerant continuously transported from the compressor is too late to condense, and the gas refrigerant accumulates between the compressor and the condenser, and the number of gas refrigerant molecules on the high pressure side gradually increases, causing the pressure on the high pressure side to continuously increase.

chiller units

  When the operating condition of the industrial chiller changes, the number of gaseous refrigerant molecules changes, and the pressure changes accordingly. For example, when the speed of the compressor increases, the number of gaseous refrigerants transported to the condenser increases, resulting in the addition of gaseous refrigerants on the high-pressure side and corresponding increase in pressure. As the number of gaseous refrigerant is increased, the gaseous refrigerant on the low pressure side is reduced and the pressure is reduced accordingly. If the fan speed of the condenser is accelerated and the air volume increases, the number of molecules of the gas refrigerant in the condenser condensing into liquid refrigerant increases, and the gas refrigerant on the high-pressure side decreases correspondingly, thus reducing the pressure. If the speed of the evaporator fan accelerates and the air volume increases, the number of molecules of liquid refrigerant vaporized into gaseous refrigerant increases, and the gaseous refrigerant on the low-pressure side increases correspondingly, and the pressure increases.

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