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How To Realize The High Efficiency Of Industrial Chiller Units?
Sep 26, 2018

It is time for many machinery equipment, hospitals, chemical industry, business card printing, chemical fiber and other industries to have a headache. The arrival of summer will make the temperature of production and operation equipment continuously rise, and the failure rate of equipment will greatly increase. Then we need to cool these equipment. Ordinary mechanical equipment needs industrial chiller to cool them down. Besides, the central air-conditioning of our large office buildings doesn't work at all.

The Baifute chiller adopts international famous brand compressor, electronic technology protection, self-diagnosis, automatic fault alarm, perfect electronic control system, convenient user operation and management. The product is widely used in many industries such as machinery, chemical industry, pharmacy, electronics, plastics, textile, food, electroplating, automobile, beer making, aquaculture and so on. The efficient refrigeration function of industrial chiller is closely related to the daily maintenance and safety testing of the product. Therefore, it is very important to inspect the operation of industrial chiller.

chiller units

1. Check the compressor regularly

Compressor is the "heart" of industrial chiller, and its quality directly affects the stability of chiller. Necessary acceptance tests shall be conducted on the chiller in accordance with the principle of air tightness test, vacuum test, itemized test and machine test first.

2. Clean the condenser and evaporator regularly

In addition to checking the technical performance of the water chiller, attention should be paid to the tidy appearance of the chiller and the cleanliness and hygiene of the work site.

3. Check the instrument regularly

The temperature control meter is out of control; replace the high-voltage fault of the temperature control meter with poor heat dissipation; the radiator is dirty; clean the radiator with bad air; improve the ventilation condition; the radiator fan is not working; check whether the fan motor burns out, shortens, repairs, or changes the damage of the motor and high-voltage engine.

In addition to the above three main inspection aspects, it is also necessary to check the oil level and oil temperature of each compressor, check the main power supply voltage and current, and check whether the set value of chilled water supply temperature is appropriate. If there is a problem, make changes in time.

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