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How To Maintain The Evaporator
Aug 21, 2018

1. The evaporator is cleaned regularly.

The maintenance of the evaporator is usually carried out by means of "washing effect" (also called washing), that is, cleaning the dirt in the evaporation device. Different types of evaporators have different fouling conditions under different operating conditions, so it is necessary to perform regular washing according to production practice and experience.

2. The evaporator often observes the operating current and working conditions of each feeding pump, overfeed pump and forced circulation pump.

3. The environment around the evaporator should be kept clean and free of debris. The insulation layer on the outside of the equipment should be intact. If it is damaged, it should be maintained sometimes to reduce heat loss.

4. Strictly implement the large, medium and small repair plans, regularly carry out disassembly inspection and repair, and make records, accumulate data on equipment inspection and repair, in order to enhance technical improvement.

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