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How To Choose The Evaporator
Aug 17, 2018

1, the choice of evaporator efficiency: mainly consider the size of the treatment volume, the boiling point of the evaporated material, and the number of equipment.

2. Selection of spent steam condenser: Indirect condenser, such as tube type and spiral plate heat exchanger, should be used when recycling steam (not effective secondary steam); direct condenser should be used when no steam is needed for recycling. Direct atmospheric condenser, water jet pump condensation, etc.

3. Selection of evaporator flow: When running downstream, the pressure of the after-effect evaporation chamber is lower than that of the pre-effect, and the pump power required for the solution to be transported between the effects is small.

4. Heating area: The determination of the heating area of the evaporator is determined by comprehensive consideration of factors such as material balance, heat balance, heat transfer calculation and the adopted process form.

5, the evaporator from the use of points, can be divided into ordinary evaporation system and forced circulation evaporator, forced circulation evaporator is based on the use of multiple external circulation evaporator and then increase the external circulation pump.

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