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Farewell To Traditional Drying Methods, Air Energy Heat Pump Will Set Off A New Revolution
Dec 17, 2018

  In the air pollution, environmental pollution, water pollution is becoming more and more serious today, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection work, set energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages in a suit of air heating heat pump will stand out in a number of heating equipment, heating market has become the "beloved." Reducing waste emissions is the most fundamental measure to contribute to environmental protection from the source. China is a large population, huge energy consumption, how to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions, accelerate the development and utilization of new energy or one of the shortcuts.

  Jinan Baifute refrigeration equipment co., ltd. seize the opportunity to take advantage of the trend, as a leading enterprise in the industrial refrigeration industry, by virtue of the thick accumulation of technology, products and management of domestic heat pump market, seize the opportunity.

Air source heat pump dryer

 Traditional drying methods (such as oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers and electric boilers) have a lot of problems, in the drying process needs to consume a lot of energy, but the thermal efficiency is very low. Drying temperature is not easy to control, which means that a little careless drying out of the fruit and vegetable quality will be reduced. And drying time is long, no doubt increased the cost of energy consumption. On the other hand, it will also emit waste gas (in addition to electric boilers), causing pollution to the environment.

  The country has been committed to industrial transformation and upgrading, the traditional drying method is obviously inappropriate. Baiford air source heat pump drying machine adopts closed cycle structure dryer system, the dehumidification efficiency is greatly improved, on the basis of the original heat pump, but also added the function of electric auxiliary heat, heating speed is fast. Computer automatic control system is adopted to meet the requirements of different drying processes. In line with the current social development trend of "energy saving and environmental protection, low-carbon and green", compared with other similar products, energy saving over 20%, stable and reliable performance, can enable customers to save a large number of operating costs and maintenance costs. It is mainly used for drying various agricultural by-products, Chinese medicinal materials, tobacco, nuts, vegetables and fruits, mushroom and other materials.

  At present, drying demand on the market is increasing, and air energy heat pump drying has the inherent advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, with the development of air energy heat pump drying technology, Baifute air source heat pump dryer will set off a new drying mode "change."

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