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Evaporator Daily Operation
Aug 16, 2018

(1) The normal and stable control of the evaporator can use the following two control methods: A uses the feed flow rate to control the discharge concentration: it means to control the first-effect temperature at a stable point, when the discharge concentration is insufficient to reduce the feed flow rate. When the discharge concentration is high, the feed flow rate is increased. B uses one-effect temperature to control the discharge concentration: it means one point of stable flow control of the feed flow. When the discharge concentration is low, the steam intake is increased to increase the effective temperature. When the discharge concentration is high, the steam intake is reduced. One effect temperature.

(2) If you decide to change the steam and feed: change only one value at a time, then wait for the concentration to change, do not change the steam and feed at the same time, change the steam concentration to change quickly, adjust the discharge concentration in a short time.

(3) The temperature of the first-effect material does not exceed 95 °C when the evaporation equipment is running. When the temperature of one effect exceeds 95 °C and the concentration of the discharge is insufficient, the feed flow rate should be reduced to ensure the discharge concentration. The temperature should be too high, which will adversely affect the evaporator and easily cause fouling of the tube.

(4) During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes of parameters such as temperature, pressure, liquid level and concentration at any time. When there is a large change, the corresponding treatment measures shall be taken to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. The temperature of the separator is observed. Very important, so we can determine if the evaporator is working properly.

(5) Maintaining the vacuum in the evaporator and always maintaining the correct supply pressure. Constant fluctuations are important for continuous evaporation to achieve optimum evaporation efficiency.

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