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Energy-saving Retrofit Of Condensate Recovery Unit
Aug 20, 2018

Now, based on the current situation of energy saving and emission reduction in China, and the large number of cases and experiences accumulated by our company, we believe that the energy-saving renovation of the condensate recovery unit can be started from the following aspects:

1. Start from the energy-saving retrofit of steam waste heat recovery and reduce the steam consumption of the production line to a minimum.

2. Consider other parts of the energy-saving retrofit from the changed steam flow, boiler water supply temperature, boiler exhaust temperature, energy consumption level and other data. And these data are just the original design basis that the boiler energy-saving technical reform needs to provide.

3. For technical enterprises that provide energy-saving retrofit solutions for the three major systems, it is recommended to consider the problems from the perspective of users, and do more long-term plans for customers. Do not blindly invest in users for the sake of temporary self-interest, in the interests of users and their own interests. Finding a reasonable balance is the long-term solution.

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