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Cold Water Heat Pump Unit - Product Selection Points
Aug 18, 2018

1. The main control parameters of the cold water (heat pump) unit are the refrigeration performance coefficient, the rated cooling capacity, the input power and the type of refrigerant.

2. Air conditioning equipment that meets the following conditions should be preferred: (1) Environmentally friendly refrigerants are used. (2) The unit has a high energy efficiency ratio.

3. When selecting a cold water (heat pump) unit, the indoor unit should be selected according to the indoor cooling load. When the unit is used for heating, equipment selected in cold areas should be checked for heat load to meet heating requirements.

4. Nominal cooling capacity kW Refrigeration performance coefficient <8 2.30 8<Q≤16 2.35 16<Q≤31.5 2.40 31.5<Q≤50 2.45

5. When selecting a cold water (heat pump) unit, pay attention to the conditions of the nominal working condition. Make appropriate corrections based on actual operating environment conditions.

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