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Box Type Copeland ZB-21 Compressor Condensing Unit For Cold Room
Oct 30, 2018


1. Save labor ——plate work structure, well formed, light weight, saving labor

2. Save time —— connecting tube adopt bell like mouth, more convenient for connecting, can save 50% of installation time, as easy  as install air conditioner

3. Save space —— new type of thin-wall design, can install back by wall and save space

4. Mute refrigerating technology——Units’ fans are designed in a big angle, pit impressing and other mute technology

Hermetic compressor, safe & low noisy

5. Anticorrosive shell——Use anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel which experienced strict salt spray test, with additional spray coating, suitable for bad weather environment

6. Equipped with COPELAND ZB screw compressors, dependable, high efficient, lower noise and little vibration

7. Equipped with check valve in inlet and outlet, easy for installation and maintain

8. Various brand of compressor for your choice

Fits different refrigerant:R404    R22


 Range of application:

 Refrigeration industry, cold room project

 Agricultural, food, restaurant, chemical industry

condensing unit     Refrigeration Compressor Condensing Unit   condensing Unit    Refrigeration Compressor Unit

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