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Water Source Condensing Units

Water Source Condensing Units

Multiple independent system combination multistage energy adjustment can be adjusted according to the load of cold (heat) quantity, saving energy, reducing investment and production cost....

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Product features:

1、Microcomputer control system of mushroom fungus growing environment

2、Color man-machine screen touch control display, PLC industrial level programmable controller, intelligent energy saving scheme, automatic failure alarm, system self-protection.

3、Detailed records mushroom houses cluster growth environment for different parameters such as temperature, humidity, Co2 concentration, illumination, forming intuitive graphs, convenient mold production and improvement of quality, contribute to the standardization of mold production operations.


Product description:

1、adhere to the principle of combining scientific, advanced and practical, fully considering the mushroom awning in the utility function, a reasonable choice to form a complete set of equipment, reduce energy consumption and labor costs, to achieve a good cost performance

2、Adhere to the practical, reasonable design standards, to achieve advanced, practical and reliable production processes and main projects.

3、Adhere to the principle of energy conservation, high efficiency and suitable for local conditions, combine with local climate conditions, and focus on the rationality and aesthetics of mushroom shed configuration.

Product parameters:


Nominal Power

Air Volume (m3/h)

Shape Dimension L×W×H (mm)

Fresh Air (mm)

Return Air (mm)

Air Supply (mm)

Cooling water outler andinlet pipe diam














1、All the date base on the medium temperature, refrigerant R22,the voltage is 380V/50Hz/3ph.

2、All the date are the reference date, piease according to congpangy desing. Piease connect us if need other modele and date.

Edible fungus equipment

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1. How do I order it?

First step, please tell us what type and quantity you need.

Second, we make a quotation sheet to confirm the order details.

Step 3: when we confirm everything, we can arrange payment.

Step 4: finally, we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.

2. When will the goods be delivered?

- generally, stock orders: 3-7 days after receiving the full payment. (peak production season, delivery time according to the situation)

3. After-sales service

1 year warranty for all kinds of products;

If you find something wrong with the parts for the first time, we will give you new parts

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