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Why is the refrigerating unit getting worse and worse
Nov 16, 2018

  A friend who has been using the unit for several years will have this experience: "how do you feel that this chiller isn't as good as it used to be?" No matter what brand or what manufacturer it is, it may take a long time for everyone to have this experience. It is certainly not an illusion. So what is the reason?

  We know that industrial water chiller is applicable to a wide range of fields, including medicine industry, food industry, plastics industry, machinery industry and so on. In response to the questions we have just raised, the professionals said that any manufacturer's refrigeration units will have a certain life, of course, different manufacturers, the quality is certainly very different, high-quality refrigerator. 100 ford industrial water chiller, with international famous brand compressor, electronic technology protection, self-diagnosis, automatic fault alarm, perfect electronic control system, convenient user operation and management. The product is widely used in many industries such as machinery, chemical industry, pharmacy, electronics, plastics, textile, food, electroplating, automobile, beer making, aquaculture and so on. As long as when using according to the notice item that the instruction gives out, add regular maintenance to maintain, service life can achieve 10 years above is no problem.

refrigerating unit

  But if only use, do not know to maintain, then can bring about refrigerating machine overload operation, so its relevant parts and components will have a lot of small impact, slowly refrigerator problems appear.

  There are many reasons for the poor refrigerating effect of industrial refrigeration units, and some of them are because there is no regular maintenance of industrial chiller. If it is not maintained regularly, it is easy to cause serious dust accumulation in the internal parts of industrial water chiller, and the heat cannot be effectively separated from it. The equipment is in a high-load running state for a long time, and the natural cooling effect is not as good as before.

  So if you want to make refrigeration unit to obtain good refrigeration effect nature is need regular maintenance, the work is mainly on a regular basis to unpick and wash cold water machine the dust-proof net, clean up the dust on the condenser, cold water machine regular replacement of circulating cooling water, do a good job cleaning, and regularly check request technical personnel, so as to ensure the refrigeration unit refrigeration effect.

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