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What is the concept of an industrial heat pump?
Aug 16, 2018

Since the emergence of industrial heat pumps, it has been very obvious for many industrial enterprises. Many people are very curious about how he works in his daily work. I believe many people who know the industry know that they will be in the early production process. There are a lot of waste heat, waste water and waste gas that need to be discharged. However, if these discharges are not handled properly, the environmental hazard is very large, and even involves safety problems. At this time, high-temperature heat pumps appear, and these waste discharges can be collected. Therefore, it can be converted into high temperature steam and high temperature water without any damage to the environment. These high temperature water or water vapor is very helpful for heating, and can effectively replace the traditional coal boiler heating method, thereby eliminating industrialization. The safety problem, the realization of energy saving and emission reduction, is not only effective for the industrial industry, but also has a very good environmental purification effect for the living environment.

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