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What are the three basic types of condensers
Nov 23, 2018

(1) Water-cooled condenser

The water-cooled condenser uses water as a cooling medium to remove the heat of condensation by the temperature rise of the water. Cooling water is generally recycled, but a cooling tower or cooling pool is required in the system. Water-cooled condensers can be divided into shell-and-tube condensers and casing-type condensers according to their structural forms. Commonly, shell-and-tube condensers are used.

(2) Air-cooled condenser

The air-cooled condenser uses air as a cooling medium to remove the heat of condensation by the temperature rise of the air. This type of condenser is suitable for applications where there is extreme water shortage or water supply, which is common in small Freon refrigeration units. According to different air flow modes, it can be divided into natural convection and forced convection.

(3) Evaporative condenser

The heat transfer of the evaporative condenser evaporative condenser is mainly carried out by evaporation of cooling water in the air to absorb the latent heat of vaporization. According to the air flow mode, it can be divided into suction type and pressure feed type, as shown in the figure. The evaporative condenser is composed of a cooling pipe group, a water supply device, a ventilator, a water deflector, and a casing. The cooling tube group is a serpentine coil group formed by bending a seamless steel pipe, and is housed in a rectangular box made of a thin steel plate. Fans are arranged on both sides or at the top of the cabinet, and the bottom of the tank doubles as a cooling water circulation pool. Evaporated in parallel with the shell and tube condenser.

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