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What are the reasons for the return of industrial chillers?
Nov 18, 2018

Some problems that industrial chillers should pay attention to during refrigeration operation, such as moisture entering the industrial chiller refrigerant, will directly affect the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment, resulting in the type and water content of the industrial chiller refrigerant. The amount of air contained and its amount of impurities. When there is free moisture in the refrigerant, the expansion valve will freeze and block the passage, and ice plugging will occur. When there is moisture in the refrigerant, it will cause the refrigerator to react with the metal to accelerate the corrosion and also deteriorate the lubricating oil.

Monoblock Chiller Units

The reasons for the industrial chiller to return to the liquid are:

1 The expansion valve or capillary is not properly selected, and the temperature package is improperly installed.

2 The system is filled with too much refrigerant.

3 When the engine is stopped, the refrigerant enters the compressor through the capillary.

4 The heat pump unit is converted into a refrigeration cycle, or when the refrigeration unit performs hot steam deduction, the unvaporized liquid in the evaporator is returned to the compressor and the like.

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