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What are the general USES of the chiller
Oct 24, 2018

  The chiller is a kind of machine which can achieve the cooling effect through the steam compression or absorption cycle. These fluids can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the air or equipment.

  However, some customers only know the cold water machine, but the specific use is not very clear, today small make up for everybody to popularize, believe that this is also the majority of customers hearts most common questions. In fact, with the development of the refrigeration industry, the application of industrial water chiller equipment is becoming more and more widespread.


Machinery and metallurgy industry

  For all kinds of machinery commonly used in factories, due to high precision requirements, refrigeration is needed to control the oil temperature of the oil pressure system, so as to stabilize the oil film viscosity and make the unit work normally. If the steel is treated at low temperature, it can not only improve the performance of the steel, but also increase the hardness and strength of the steel and extend the service life of the workpiece. For example, our common coating machine, rotary dehumidifier, injection molding machine, extruder, foam machine, laser equipment, printing machine, rubber machine, line cutting machine and so on, all need cold water chiller to provide cryogenic water. In the petrochemical industry, organic synthesis, separation, crystallization, concentration, liquefaction, control of reaction temperature and so on in basic chemical engineering are inseparable from refrigeration.

Electronics industry

  It can stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components in the production line, improve the pass rate of electronic components, and be applied in ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively prevent the expensive cleaning agent from volatilization and damage to people.

Food engineering

  Since many foods are prone to spoilage, and the production of food is highly seasonal and regional, many users choose to build cold storage to store food, and the main unit of the cold storage, as well as the chiller. In addition, high temperature will occur in some food production processes, which will affect product quality. At this time, the chiller is also needed to provide recycled frozen water for cooling. Therefore, the chiller used in food engineering is called food chiller.

Construction and water conservancy

  In the construction industry, especially in large concrete components, the heat release during solidification is easy to crack, so the chiller is needed to provide cryogenic water to cool down and facilitate rapid solidification. In addition, in the construction of mines and tunnels, the harsh geological conditions such as quicksand can be encountered, and the soil can be frozen by refrigeration.

air conditioning engineering

  As we all know, domestic air conditioners are of low power. Therefore, for large shopping malls, office buildings and factories, small air conditioners will be unreasonable, which requires the use of our central air conditioning system, and the main unit used in the air conditioning system is the chiller, which we call the air-conditioning water chiller. In addition, in sports, the artificial ice rink also needs water chiller.

  Above is Baifute small make up to cold water machine usage brief introduction, hoped to be helpful to you!

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