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What are the common plugging phenomena in industrial chiller refrigeration systems
Nov 17, 2018

water cooled chiller

First, ice block

The phenomenon of ice plugging in industrial chillers is because the water content of the system exceeds a certain proportion. The expansion valve/capillary and the inlet end of the evaporator freeze and block the small passages, so that the low pressure becomes low or negative pressure, and the refrigeration effect of the whole machine is poor. Causes no cooling. Moreover, the electrical load of the compressor is low, there is only a weak filament sound in the expansion valve/capillary or no reaction at all, the evaporator does not frost, the outlet of the compressor and the condenser are not hot, and the ice plug takes a long time. Melt the water by itself, but after a period of time, it will re-generate the ice block. This ice plugging often occurs at the outlet of the capillary and at the inlet of the evaporator.

Second, dirty block

Dirty blockage, hence the name is that there are oxides or other dirty working fluid blocked in the filter, when the dirty working fluid accumulates to a certain extent, directly block the small passage of the expansion valve / capillary, and the ice block phenomenon on the industrial chiller The refrigeration system has the same impact, but the only difference is that the dirty plugged system does not recover itself, it must be cleaned manually and replaced. It can be concluded that the dirty plugging phenomenon generally occurs at the inlet of the filter and the capillary.

Third, the welding plug

Many parts of the industrial chiller need to be welded. The welding plug mentioned here refers to the fact that the weld is inserted into the pipeline due to less weld inserts or poor soldering of the weldment. Blocked. Among them, the phenomenon of dirty plugging is relatively common and can be prevented in advance. For example, installing filters at the water source directly filters the waste, or water treatment of the water, and maintaining the environment of the industrial cold water airport.

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