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Type selection of evaporator
Aug 16, 2018

1. Select the type of evaporator according to the nature of the material. For example, select a membrane evaporator or a forced circulation evaporator according to whether the material is easy to scale.

2. Select the type of evaporator according to the initial concentration and treatment volume of the material. If the initial concentration is low and the treatment volume is large, a multi-effect evaporator or mvr evaporator can be selected.

3. Select the type of evaporator according to the sensitivity of the material to temperature. For the heat sensitive material, the membrane evaporator or the scraper film evaporator can be selected according to the specific conditions, or the flow direction of steam and materials can be adjusted.

4. According to the boiling point of the material, the boiling point rise is a key parameter in the evaporation operation, which affects the choice of the evaporator. If the boiling point of the material is too high, high vacuum operation must be used.

5, according to the customer's investment situation and plant conditions to choose, the customer is not sensitive to investment, try to use energy-efficient evaporation equipment, such as multi-effect or mvr evaporation device.

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