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Screw chillers need to do a good job which can boot
Nov 08, 2018

Nowadays, many enterprises are using screw chiller. However, in the operation of screw chiller, when the operator opens the screw chiller, in order to ensure the safety of the unit and avoid the failure caused by various accidents, the screw chiller should be ready to start up in advance. The operator can complete the operation of screw chiller step by step according to the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer or strictly follow the training steps conducted by the manufacturer to guarantee the safe and stable operation of the unit. So in order to avoid the screw chiller startup failure, what should be done before starting up?


One of the necessary conditions for starting - up of screw - type chiller is voltage. Therefore, we should first check whether the voltage is the voltage requirement marked on the nameplate and check whether the line is intact. If the screw chiller is in operation, the fault such as voltage instability or short circuit caused by circuit problems will directly affect the safe operation of the unit and even burn the screw chiller. Therefore, before starting, the voltage and current of the screw chiller must be guaranteed to meet the operation requirements of the unit. In this way, the failure rate of the screw chiller can be reduced and the operating power can be increased.

The screw chiller produces frozen water, which is inseparable from the refrigerant. Observe whether the quantity of refrigerant is within the standard range, and judge directly by the high pressure and low pressure values of the high pressure and low pressure gauges on the screw chiller. If the value of the pressure gauge is in the state of zero, or if the pressure is too high or the pressure is too low, it must be checked and eliminated in a timely manner before starting up to ensure the stable operation of the screw chiller.


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