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Industrial chillers will be deficient in fluorine after prolonged use
Nov 19, 2018

The first performance, the compressor load becomes larger.

Although there are many reasons for the compressor load becoming large, if the industrial chiller lacks fluorine, the compressor load will inevitably become larger. In many cases, if the air-cooled or water-cooled system has no fault of poor heat dissipation, the compressor can be determined. The load is increased because of the lack of fluorine.

The second performance, the exhaust temperature is high.

High exhaust gas temperature is a common phenomenon in industrial chillers. The pressure and temperature gauge at the exhaust end can clearly read out the temperature of the exhaust gas. High exhaust gas temperature is not a rare phenomenon, which leads many people to face the industry. Negative response when the chiller exhaust temperature is too high, in fact, the exhaust temperature is high, whether due to abnormal operation of the oil separator, lack of frozen lubricating oil or lack of refrigerant, or other problems, should be carried out note.

In the third performance, the cooling capacity is reduced and the cooling efficiency is lowered.

When the cooling capacity of industrial chillers is reduced, the reasons may be various, but undoubtedly, as long as industrial chillers lack fluoride, especially when there is a large amount of fluorine deficiency, the cooling capacity of industrial chillers will definitely be largely Reduce, affect the business.

The fourth performance, energy consumption, compressor wear and tear.

Due to the lack of refrigerant, the industrial chiller can not meet the cooling demand, and the chilled water effluent temperature is not up to standard, so the compressor will increase the load to meet the chilled water effluent demand, which will result in large power resource consumption and large compressor wear.

In many cases, the observation of fluorine deficiency is not easy. Especially for large industrial industrial chillers, the cooling capacity and cooling efficiency are reduced. It is not easy to find out. It is recommended that industrial chillers maintenance and operators can pass electronic Leak detectors to detect leaks, or find other more effective ways to find and eliminate the problem of fluorine in industrial chillers.

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