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How the condenser works
Nov 23, 2018

The air conditioner system of the condenser can transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast manner, and most of the car is placed in front of the water tank. A device that converts a gas or vapor into a liquid. The power plant uses a number of condensers to condense the vapors from the turbine; a condenser is used in the refrigeration plant to condense the refrigerant vapors such as ammonia and Freon. Condensers in the petrochemical industry condense hydrocarbons and other chemical vapors. In the distillation process, the means for converting the vapor into a liquid is called a condenser. All condensers operate by taking away the heat of the gas or vapor.

The compressor draws in the lower pressure working fluid vapor from the evaporator, causes the pressure to rise, and then sends it to the condenser, which is condensed into a higher pressure liquid in the condenser, and becomes a pressure after being throttled by the throttle valve. After the low liquid is sent to the evaporator, it absorbs heat in the evaporator and evaporates to become a lower pressure steam, thereby completing the refrigeration cycle.

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