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How do the dirt deposits in the chillers pipe and tank come from
Dec 04, 2018

Cold water machine is a kind of water cooling equipment, can provide constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure of cooling water equipment, its working principle is to inject a certain amount of water machine inside the water tank, first will water cooling through the cooling system, again by cryogenic cooling water pump into the cooling equipment, chilled water will heat temperature after it was taken back into the water again, achieve the effect of cooling. However, in the use of the chiller captain's time, there are often some dirt deposits in the chiller pipes or water tanks. How do these sediments come from?

1. Chemical processing agent [industrial chiller]

If zinc salts or phosphate corrosion inhibitors are added to the water circulation system, the formation of zinc or phosphoric acid scale may occur. Therefore, we often need to maintain the chiller, not only to ensure its refrigeration capacity, but also to extend the service life of the chiller.

industrial chiller]

2. Leakage of process medium

A water cooler leak, especially an oil leak or some organic matter that causes silt to deposit.


3. Tap water

Unprocessed bad supplementary water will bring sediment, microorganisms, suspended matter and so on into the chiller, even if the clarification, filtration, disinfection of good supplementary water will have a certain amount of turbidity and with a small amount of sanitation, clarification process may also be mixed agent hydrolysis products, aluminum or iron ions in the water. In addition, with or without pretreatment, the dissolved salt in the replenishing water will be brought into the circulating water system.

4. Air [freezer]

Silt, dust, microorganism and its spore can bring along with air circulatory system, sometimes insect also can bring in the system that bring, cause the clog of heat exchanger. When the environment around the cooling tower is polluted, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine dioxide, ammonia and other corrosive gases will react in the unit and indirectly cause deposition.

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