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Evaporator cleaning process
Aug 16, 2018

1. Close the valve that cools the water out of the condenser, and then connect the thermometer tube and the drain tube to the anti-corrosion pump and the liquid distribution tank to make it into a small circulation system, and finish the washing.

2. Add acid pickling inhibitor, which is attached to the inner wall of the metal of the condenser to prevent acid and metal from reacting.

3. If the fouling in the condenser is thick, it is possible to increase the scale stripping agent to accelerate the scale of the reactants to dissolve quickly in water.

4, can be added with a passivating agent, can prevent the metal surface oxidation to generate secondary floating rust.

5, adding a solid pickling detergent, used to wash the scale of calcium carbonate scale as a tense body, the washing agent is a composite solid inorganic acid, red crystal, non-corrosive to the metal, is a weak acid; the amount of washing agent according to the amount of equipment fouling And set.

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