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Condenser control device
Aug 16, 2018

The condenser consists of several control devices, which are:

Refrigerant controller: expansion valve, capillary tube, etc.

Refrigerant circuit controller: four-way valve, check valve, double valve, solenoid valve.

Refrigerant pressure controller: pressure switch, output pressure regulator, pressure controller.

Motor protector: over current relay, thermal overcurrent relay, temperature relay.

Temperature regulator: temperature level regulator, temperature proportional regulator.

Defrost controller: Defrost temperature switch, defrost time relay, various temperature switches.

Cooling water control: water shut-off relay, water volume control valve, water pump, etc.

Alarm control: over temperature alarm, super humidity alarm, under voltage alarm and fire alarm, smoke alarm, etc.

Other controls: indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed controller.

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