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Compressor condensing unit performance advantages
Aug 16, 2018

Because there is no suction valve and exhaust valve, it works reliably.

The efficiency is 10% higher than that of the piston compressor and 5% higher than the rotor compressor.

Insensitive to liquid shock, it allows a small amount of liquid to be compressed, improving the reliability and life of the air conditioner.

Low noise, 5 dB lower than the same type of piston compressor.

Balanced operation and low vibration.

The process of suction and exhaust is continuous, which greatly reduces the exhaust rush.

The number of parts is small, the weight is light, the volume is 40% smaller than the piston machine with the cooling capacity, and the weight is 15% lighter.

The motor operates at a lower temperature and the motor is less likely to malfunction.

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