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Air-cooled heat pump unit
Aug 16, 2018

The air-cooled heat pump unit is a circulation system composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a throttle, a heat absorber, a compressor, and the like. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the gaseous boosting process in the compressor (temperature up to 100 ° C), it enters the heat exchanger and exchanges heat with the wind, is cooled and converted into a liquid liquid, when it runs to the heat sink, the liquid is quickly The endothermic evaporation is again converted into a gaseous state, and the temperature drops to minus 20 ° C - 30 ° C. At this time, the air around the heat absorber will continuously transfer the low temperature heat to the refrigerant, and the refrigerant continuously circulates to realize the air. The low temperature heat is converted to high temperature heat and the cold water process is heated.

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